How to Invite Your CareTeam

***Depending on your specific DocbookMD service, the CareTeam feature may not be available to you.***

To view a tutorial video on how to invite your CareTeam members, click  here.

Physicians can now invite their CareTeam members, so that everyone on your staff can share HIPAA compliant messaging.

Inviting CareTeam members is easy.

In DocBookMD, click the menu button on the top left  and choose Care Team.

Next, enter the first name, last name, and email address of the colleague you'd like to invite. Then click the Invite button.

You may also choose the "Invite from My Contacts button at the top of the screen. Once you pick the colleague you'd like to invite from your contacts, their email address will populate in the email address field. You will still need to fill in their first and last name.

An email should then be sent to your CareTeam member. They must complete registration and then log in for the first time on the mobile app, in order to show up in your CareTeam. They will remain in pending status until they register and log in.

Pending invitations will appear as follows:

You should then be able to send HIPPA compliant messages with that colleague.  

Need to invite more CareTeam members? Just choose the Invite button at the top right.

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